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Noel Keough

Chair of the Board of Directors

Noel has 30 years experience working in community development both locally and internationally. His work has included local renewable energy assessment and design, sustainability education, community development, popular theatre, sustainability indicators design and technology assessment. Through his unique experience Noel has been successful in building bridges between community groups and planning and engineering professionals.

Internationally, Noel has worked in Central America, Central and South East Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Locally, Noel has worked with community groups in Alberta, Newfoundland and British Columbia.

Noel is also a co-founder and current senior researcher at Sustainable Calgary Society, a member of the National Working Group for the Canadian Index of Wellbeing and is Associate Professor of Sustainable Design in the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary.

Areas of Expertise

urban development, institutional strengthening, environment, low carbon cities, sustainable cities, institutional strengthening, energy, environment, water supply and sanitation, sustainable community planning, social economy