Study of Government-Civil Society Relations in Alberta and of the Status of Existing Networking Relations, for the Muttart Foundation | 2010

Sectors: Community

Countries: Canada

Client: Muttart Foundation

This Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector (NPVS) study was commissioned by the Muttart Foundation, with funding from the Alberta Government. We explored how the NPVS is currently working, how it relates to government at all levels, and whether a provincial umbrella organization would be useful to organizations in the NPVS. The study was particularly concerned with hearing from smaller, less-connected or un-connected Non-Profit and Voluntary Organizations. The study reached out to this large and diverse collection of NPVS using an E-survey of a random sampling (~500) from more than 20,000 organizations and then additional respondents through snowball sampling. We also carried out nine community studies from areas representing the geographical and social diversity of Alberta that included individual telephone and face to face interviews, focus group discussions and conversation cafés. In addition, a select group of funders provided responses to a funder specific e-survey, and participated in individual interviews, focus groups or conversation cafes as part of the community studies.