Formative Evaluation of the Training, Support and Access Model for MNCH in Rwanda and Burundi –TSAM | 2018

Sectors: Health

Countries: Burundi, Rwanda

Client: Western University of London, Ontario

TSAM (2016-20) is a partnership of Canadian, Rwandan and Burundian institutions led by Western University of London, Ontario, with external funding from Global Affairs Canada.  The review followed a participatory, mixed methods methodology guided by standard development evaluation criteria: governance, relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, management, impact and sustainability. 

The review featured:

  • Invitations for input from project team members on evaluation key questions, methods, and logistics

  • Use of different methods for data collection including on-site visits, document analysis, confidential key informant interviews and focus groups

  • Iterative “sense-making” interactions with project team members during field work 

  • Triangulation of findings through the development of specific interview guides for different key informants and focus groups

  • Validation of findings by the project team prior to the formulation of this review report