Stocktaking Assessment of Key MNCH Practice (Tanzania) - for Global Affairs Canada | 2015

Sectors: Health

Countries: Tanzania

Client: Global Affairs Canada (GAC)

Over three years (2012-15), Canada supported initiatives implemented by non-governmental partners to improve Maternal, Newborn and Child Healthcare (MNCH) at Tanzania’s primary care facilities. The program supported Tanzania in pursuit of its United Nations’ Millennial Development Goal (MDG) 5, to Improve Maternal Health.

PlanNET's evaluation team used a multi-phased participatory methodology to assess four selected themes. For each theme a descriptive case study demonstrated the most promising emergent best practices. An initial workshop identified the themes, case studies and field sites. Fieldwork (including interviews, focus groups, facility visits, observation and household visits) was carried out across four regions in Tanzania. 

Cross comparative analysis provided a framework with principles and processes for success; exemplars of best results; and risks to be mitigated. In addition to the evaluation report, the evaluation produced four briefson emergent practices covering service, delivery, leadership and governance, community health workers, and community participation. A workshop after the fieldwork allowed participants to discuss team findings.

The evaluation was performed conjointly with Project Services International (PSI).