Copy of Robert (Rob) Enns

Robert (Rob) Enns

Consultant and Independent Practitioner

Robert Enns appreciates the valuable lessons he has learned through working with community development programs and organizations around the world. He enjoys working with people to enable them to discover and apply new lessons and skills to achieve the goals that are important to them.

Rob has been involved in international development programs in Asia, Africa and Canada. Rob lived in Bangladesh for over twelve years and in Egypt for a year, as part of his work in 17 countries in four continents. He has a deep appreciation for the importance of developing trust and mutual respect with people in the host communities. He is proficient in Bengali and enjoys partnering with people in whatever language, communication style and means of cooperation is important to them.

Rob has worked in a wide variety of roles, from field worker, trainer, facilitator, coordinator, monitor, evaluator to country director of an organization with over 200 staff members. He has seen the Canadian government and other donors from all sides, including working in projects funded by them, monitoring programs on donors’ behalf and evaluating the Canadian government’s own long-term programs in two countries.

Rob has also worked in programs with other international funders, so he is ready to help organizations build their programs and increase their efficiency in achieving the goals. Whether that support is through mentoring, coaching, team building, program planning, participatory monitoring and evaluation, writing proposals and program reports, or other avenues, Rob is interested to provide services through PlanNet that enable interested organizations to achieve the goals that are important to them.

Areas of Expertise: team building, strategic planning, community development, training & capacity building, participatory monitoring & evaluation, organizational development.