Copy of Tracy Apoll

Tracy Apoll

Consultant and Independent Practitioner

Tracy Apoll has over 20 years experience working with organizations and communities both locally and internationally, particularly in Africa and Latin America. Her expertise is in using a gender lens and participatory approaches to understand the strengths and challenges of communities, develop strategies to improve the wellbeing of individuals in communities and monitoring and evaluation to inform future strategies.

Tracy's experience is both academic and work related. She holds a Master's Degree from the Institute of Social Studies in Women, Gender and Development where she studied various community development approaches and their impact on practical needs and strategic interests of individuals, particularly women. She has worked internationally and domestically in supporting the development of policies and programs that promote a strong quality of life for women and men through monitoring and evaluations, providing policy advise, training and program implementation. Her clients have included government agencies, donor organizations and NGOs in Latin America, Africa, Europe and Canada.

Tracy's professional experience includes disaster response projects in Central America, supporting wellbeing of newcomer women in Edmonton, and rural livelihood projects in Zambia. Tracy has also worked with a number of Alberta-based communities using Results-based Management methodologies to develop community needs assessments and social plans.

Areas of Expertise: Results-based Management, Gender and Gender Based Analysis, Needs Assessments, Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.